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2021 Artsy Holiday Giveaway Winners

For this holiday season, we put together a holiday giveaway for our customers to enter. We asked for them to share their favorite family photo from this year and to explain to us why it was their favorite. From these submissions, our team picked out five of our favorites to name as the winners, each one receiving $100 in Artsy Lab Credit. We enjoyed seeing all of your submissions and appreciate all of your participation. So, without further ado, we announce the winners of the 2021 Artsy Holiday Giveaway…

1. @rachelaustinphotography

“It reminds me of the love and patience we have had for each other throughout the year. It was anything but perfect circumstances trying to take this. My family knows how important it is to me to document us every year and so we all gave each other grace in this moment.”

2. Amanda Capps

“We are all together ❤️”

3. @daniellewoodruffphotography

“Reminds me of the end of a wonderful summer and brings me back to all the fun times we had traveling as a family for the first time since COVID.”

4. Allison Bright

“Cancer can be tough on families but there is still love and laughter. My husband who just had a bone marrow transplant getting in all the laughs he can because jokes are who he is.”

5. @heart_and_soul_images

“This memory is important to me because it represents so much. It’s not a traditional favorite moment, in fact it was the day after the most incredible man I’ve ever known was buried, my father-in-law. A large number of family members took a walk to honor him, where he had graciously donated his time and skill to build benches for people to rest. My mother-in-law couldn’t manage the walk, so instead, she used one of his benches for just that. I sat next to her but didn’t know my daughter snapped a photo. However, I was so glad that she did, because it made me realize that there truly is beauty, even in the hard times. I was also proud that my daughter knew to capture the moment. It made me proud, just like my father-in-law would be, if he were looking down on us.”


Each of our winners submitted beautiful photos as well as wonderful memories to go along with each them and we thank you all for entering the 2021 Artsy Holiday Giveaway.

Within these photos and these stories, our participants shared with us the importance of family and how they make us. If we’ve realized anything over the past few years it is to not take anything for granted. Especially our families. So, during this holiday season let us be thankful that we have the opportunity to be with them again. And let us not take a single moment for granted during the holiday. For being with family helps us to learn and be understanding and patient more than we ever have before.

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