Canvas Click Frames by Artsy Couture

Artsy Couture was founded on being an innovation-first brand. That is why our retail partners came to us to invent a better in-store canvas solution. Within a short period of time, our engineers created the perfect same-day canvas that provides retailers with a cost effective solution for their stores. Thanks to our bold design, an employee can create this product in 60 seconds with minimal explanation or training. Not only are you offering a high-end product for your customers, but you’re also creating an amazing in-store experience that allows them to leave your store smiling, with their Canvas Click Frame by Artsy Couture in hand!

Assembling Artsy’s Canvas Click Frame is so simple, it can be constructed without directions. Each kit includes all materials necessary to create a stunning Canvas in just minutes! Available sizes include: 5×7”, 8×10”, 11×14” and 16×20”.