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The Next Big Thing in Photo Sharing

Have you ever wanted to share your photos quickly with clients, family, and friends? Look no further than the new photo-sharing app, Waldo Photos. This app takes away the headache that is caused by photo sharing. No more waiting for password-protected links texted blurry photos or emails. This app lets you share all your photos with anyone. For professional photographers, this app will be the perfect addition to your business. With Waldo’s patented faceblocker technology, you can deliver digital proofs to clients quicker, without the worry of someone taking a screenshot instead of purchasing. Text-based delivery makes sure your clients get the photos they want, with convenient purchasing options and full-service fulfillment – you take the photos, Waldo does the rest! 

We spent the past few weeks testing out Waldo Photos and we’re so excited to share some of our favorite features:

1. Photo Sharing

Of course, we have to put the main reason this app was created at the top of our list. Waldo makes it easy for you to share your photos with those who matter most. Went on a family vacation and want the amazing photo your cousin captured of the dolphins at the beach? You can create an event album and easily invite others to share their photos in your album. You can even create multiple albums to keep everything organized. Your privacy and the privacy of your photos is important so Waldo also gives you the option to make your event public or keep it private. With this easy system, you’ll be on your way to sharing photos like a pro.

2. Automated AI

Something that is unique to the Waldo app is its automated, AI-powered face finding feature. With this feature, Waldo can use the reference photo you provide and find your face in any photos uploaded. You’ll even get notified when your face has been found in a new photo. This cool feature might just be reason enough for you to download this app.

3. Ad Free

A great thing about the Waldo app is that it is completely ad-free. There’s no selling of your data. Just meaningful memories shared. You won’t have to deal with those pesky ads anytime you need to create an event or upload a photo. Waldo will let you log on and do what you need to do without any interruptions. A rare feature for most apps today and is a driving factor for making Waldo completely unique.

4. Make and Send Custom Photo Products

The Waldo app lets you take photos from your device and turn them into beautiful personalized cards and photo gifts. Choose from a variety of occasions and templates and customize them with your own photos and words. You can choose to send it to a single recipient or to multiple recipients, making it easier for you to send holiday cards to all your friends and family. You can also save your progress in a draft in case you aren’t quite ready to send your card yet.

5. Personal and Professional

And finally, Waldo can be used in both the personal and professional sense. Use it between wedding guests. families on vacation, co-workers at a company event, and more. Keeping and sharing all your related photos in one place has never been easier. For professional photographers, this app can be a huge addition to your business. Waldo handles the marketing of the proofs, processing of orders, and direct-to-doorstep delivery of prints to buyers, and then deposits your sales in your account.

So whether you need to share your photos with family or friends, or deliver proofs for purchase to clients and customers, Waldo is the perfect, stress-free app that will help you do it. From the design of the app to the amazing features that make it unique – this is one app you’ll want to have in your back pocket!

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